liquid blackness


The liquid blackness journal began in 2014 as an expression of the liquid blackness research group’s commitment to writing about rare art and archival material that the group was entrusted with by groundbreaking black visual artists. The journal grew into a forum for the exploration of audacious methodologies of the formal analysis of blackness in contemporary visual and sonic arts and popular culture at the intersection between the politics and ethics of aesthetics. While aggressively interdisciplinary, and therefore open to a wide array of contributions, the liquid blackness journal seeks to carve out a dedicated place for aesthetic theory and the most radical agenda of Black Studies to come together in productive ways. “Liquidity,” thus designates, among other things, a commitment to generative entanglements and to follow processes of intellectual production that are inspired by the experimental style of the jazz ensemble, which is what Fred Moten and Stefano Harney identified as a productive model for their idea of “black study.”

The journal was founded in 2014 at Georgia State University by faculty member Alessandra Raengo and members of the liquid blackness research group: doctoral students Lauren Cramer, Cameron Kunzelman, and Kristin Juarez.

Founding Member:  Alessandra Raengo, Georgia State University
Editors-in-Chief:       Alessandra Raengo, Georgia State University
_____________________Lauren Cramer, University of Toronto

Editorial Board Members:
Charles, “Chip” Linscott, Ohio University
Kevin Jerome Everson, University of Virginia
Derek Conrad Murray, University of California, Santa Cruz
James Tobias, University of California, Riverside
Calvin Warren, Emory University

Advisory Board Members:
Anne Anlin Cheng, Princeton University
Eddie Chambers, University of Texas, Austin
Thomas F. DeFrantz, Duke University
Ekow Eshun, Curator (London, UK)
Tatiana Flores, Rutgers University
Bishnuprya Gosh, University of California, Santa Barbara
Keith M. Harris, University of California, Riverside
Barbara McCullough, filmmaker (Los Angeles)
Uri McMillan, UCLA
Amber Musser, George Washington University
Marina Peterson, University of Texas, Austin
Michele Prettyman, Fordham University
Louis Ruprecht, Georgia State University
Christina Sharpe, York University

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