Liquid blackness, a newly launched research initiative on blackness and aesthetics of the Department of Communication at Georgia State University, will facilitate “Conversations” with filmmakers, students, and scholars at local venues and coordinate an interactive social media experience.

Weekend I

Friday October 25, after the screening: Manuel’s Tavern

Saturday, October 26th
Together with Arnika Dawkins Galleryliquid blackness is co-hosting an informal conversation with L.A. Rebellion filmmaker Zeinabu Irene Davis on Saturday October 26 at 1:00-2:30pm.  Davis will be sharing some excerpts from her forthcoming documentary on the L.A. Rebellion school of black cinema, Spirits of Rebellion and giving insight into her training, process, and experiences making films. Joined by film scholar Michele Prettyman Beverly, the conversation will offer a unique glimpse into her creative process and a reflection on this extraordinary group of filmmakers that the tour honors.

Weekend II 

Saturday Nov. 2, 2:00-4:00pm: WonderRoot Community Arts Center. Teach-in with L.A. Rebellion Tour curator Allyson Nadia Field and filmmaker Billy Woodberry

Saturday Nov. 2, after the screening: the Low Museum of Contemporary Culture, 550 John Wesley Dobbs Ave, Atlanta, Georgia 30313

Weekend III

Friday No.15: Reception for Haile Gerima at King & Spalding Law Firm

Saturday November 16, 2:30 – 4 pm: Charis bookstore. “Teach-in” on the L.A. Rebellion followed by a community dialogue of how the issues of the L.A. Rebellion/films relate to present-day issues for Atlanta community.

Saturday November 16, after the screening in 208 White Hall, Emory University.

Weekend IV

November 23, after the screening: The Sound Table
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