Kahlil Joseph: Shadow Play is currently on view at the New Museum and includes the debut of Fly Paper (2017). According to the New Museum website: “Fly Paper is a new film installation that departs from Joseph’s admiration of the work of Roy DeCarava (1919–2009), a photographer and artist known for his images of celebrated jazz musicians and everyday life in Harlem. With Fly Paper, Joseph extends DeCarava’s virtuosity with chiaroscuro effects to the moving image and brings together a range of film and digital footage to contemplate the dimensions of past, present, and future in Harlem and New York City. Joseph’s new film also touches on themes of filiation, influence, and legacy, marking a personal reckoning that intuitively calls upon his connections to the city through his family—and in particular, his late father, whom he cared for in Harlem at the end of his life. Fly Paper’s dynamic yet contemplative mood also builds on Joseph’s sense that layers of lived experience—and stories—are sedimented in the places that have played host to the aspirations and daily lives of countless individuals.” Read more on Shadow Play and Fly Paper here.

liquid blackness also extends its congratulations to Joseph for his recent win of the Film Craft Award for cinematography for Process at the 2017 Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity.

KJ Shadow Play

Still from Kahlil Joseph, Fly Paper 2017 re-posted from New Museum