Drawing Through

Album Release, Gallery Talk, and Free Jazz Performances

September 19, 7:30 p.m.

Mammal Gallery (91 Broad Street SW, Atlanta, GA 30303)

Drawing Through – the workshop

Drawing Through is a project designed by Craig Dongoski, Professor of Art and Design, as a workshop/collaboration between filmmaker Larry Clark and emerging Atlanta-based artists and musicians, following the screening of Clark’s 1977 film Passing Through on April 11, 2015. It is a spinoff of the experimental collective research on the “arts and politics of the jazz ensemble” initiated by liquid blackness (with Kristin Juarez acting as liaison). Bringing together painters and musicians, Drawing Through unfolded as a study in group meditation, sound visualization, and improvised creation. The workshop featured six current GSU undergraduate students including Timothy Short whose artwork appears on the cover. Two of the four musicians were GSU alumni: Claire Paul (MFA) and Dan Bailey (BFA). Drawing Through focuses on young Atlanta artists developing their artistic intentions and seizing control of the channels of distribution of their art. Collaboration, detail, legacy, and community are the substance of this presentation.

Drawing Through – the record

The LP is a limited pressing of 500 copies and is aimed at a dedicated listening experience. The sounds are the result of two meditations and a video-graphic score used to direct the sounds and visuals of the participants. The project was inspired by the dynamics of group creation inherent in the jazz ensemble, which is at the core of Clark’s film. Following its prompt, the workshop endeavored to both explore relationships and passages between different art forms and to allow for group dynamics to produce something greater than the sum of its parts. The result is a unique layered experience of the creative interaction between visual arts, music, and film. The LP was realized with the support of CENCIA, the Center for Collaborative Scholarship in the Humanities, the Creative Media Industries Institute, and the Welch School of Art and Design.

The album art features “Sunwalkers,” by Timothy Short, a work portraying choice between an egocentric, individualistic worldview of domination and a more inclusive worldview of collective liberation.

Drawing Through – the event

Reception/Gallery Talk: 7:30 p.m., upstairs

This exhibition of work by local artists responding to Larry Clark’s film includes the original art on the album’s cover painted by Timothy Short. This is an exciting opportunity to meet the artists, musicians, and organizers of the project with brief talks by the artists and a discussion about the release of the LP Drawing Through. Light food and drinks will be served. Catering provided by All Island Café.

Performances: 8:30 p.m., downstairs

Set One: Drawing Through: a study in group meditation, sound visualization, and improvised creation. This set will be made up of three parts. The audience is requested to be quiet and attentive.

Part One: Artists and musicians will be following instructions to meditate, and when a concrete thought enters their mind, they will make a mark on paper or make responsive contact with their respective musical instrument.

Part Two: Musicians and artists will be instructed to do the opposite of part one and meander either their playing or drawing and stop once they have a concrete thought.

Part Three: The final part features the sounds created by the artists’ and musicians’ response to projected images of both Craig Dongoski’s and Larry Clark’s hand movements.

Set Two: Another dedicated listening set featuring local musicians performing Free Jazz—music inspired by the film.