#BLACKMATTERLIVES: New Work by Fahamu Pecou is now on view in New York City at the Lyons Wier Gallery. Below Pecou describes the new series:

“My new show, #BLACKMATTERLIVES recently opened at Lyons Wier Gallery in New York City. This represents my 7th solo show with the gallery and celebrates 10 years of working together.
I am excited about this work, not just because it represents a major career milestone, rather, because of the timeliness of this work given the current cultural climate. In the last few years an epidemic of state-sanctioned violence has had a significant impact on Black lives. Along with the Black Lives Matter movement, several organizations, artists, business leaders and private citizens have taken to the front lines to protest the violence and ongoing oppression and injustices that affect the Black community. This exhibition similarly is in conversation with those issues and as such I am working diligently to ensure it gets the proper light.”
Catch the show through November 12th.image1 image3